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The modern diet in the US is deficient in many necessary vitamins and minerals, so the addition of Standard Process® nutritional supplements to the patients' diet is of great benefit. Very often patients notice differences in their bodies after only one day of taking supplements. We also offer the SP weight-loss & detoxification cleanse.

Q: Why do I need to take nutritional supplements?

A: The food consumed by most people these days is lacking in many important nutritional vitamins and minerals. Our hectic lifestyles, daily stresses, environmental stresses, genetic predispositions, smoking and second-hand smoke, as well as alcohol consumption can also contribute to us our bodies not absorbing the nutrients we need from the food. Americans as a society also frequently eat food on the run, and these foods too often are laden with sugar, fat, artificial ingredients, and are very refined and processed. Much produce is also grown in depleted soil lacking certain nutrients, so therefore the fruits and veggies are not as nutritious as they once were.

We recommend whole food nutritional supplements from Standard Process. These supplements provide quality nutrients in natural forms readily absorbed by your body. These are not a replacement for eating a healthy diet but a supplement to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Q: Can you help me lose weight?

A: We offer a detox/weight management cleanse that works to eliminate toxins from your body and thus help it function better and more efficiently. Please call 256-5433 (256-LIFE) or stop by the office for more information and to see if a cleanse is right for you.


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